A seminar to introduce the contents of the Egyptia
At the invitation of HE Dr. Khairuddin Abdul Latif, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees for International Strategies and Cultural Relations, two meetings were held at the 6th of October University to introduce the Knowledge Bank of Egypt in response to the wishes of faculty members and students.
 The first meeting was held at 11:00 am on Monday, 27/3/2017, in which the training officer of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank Professor Mahmoud Daoud attended the meeting with Mr. Abdullah Mahmood, marketing officer of the EMERAL database at the large meeting hall at the Faculty of Pharmacy building. The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Khairuddin Abdel Latif, Prof. Ali Talaat, Vice President, Prof. Yahia El-Baghdadi, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and Prof. Dr. Dolat El Meligy, Dean of Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Amal Abdul Qader, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Information, and a number of faculty members and students. The contents of the bank were presented with a detailed explanation of how to create an account to enter it, which now includes more than 100 specialized international databases in all fields of knowledge and knowledge.
The meeting was moderated by Dr. Maurice Abou El Saad, Director of the Central Library, which ended at 1:30 pm on the same day.
The second meeting was held at the Central Library on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, at 10 am, and was attended by representatives of some of the database companies participating in the bank are:
1. a. Ahmed T-shirts for EBSCO.
2. A. Ahmed Jafar of Elsevier (Science Direct).
3. a. Ibrahim Hassan from Dar Al-Selaa.
He also delivered a. Sameh Said is an introductory word on Ask Zad, based on an invitation from Dr. Amal Abdelkader, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Media, who led the session. The meeting ended at 2 pm.