1. In addition to members of the University, the following persons may be granted a Reader's Card and admitted to SOUL, but may not borrow books:
(a) Any persons over 18 who are engaged in private study or research, if supported by appropriate evidence of academic standing and fitness for admission.
 (b) Undergraduates of other universities normally resident in the 6 October area, if supported by appropriate recommendations.
2. Readers' Cards are not transferable. Every person to whom a Card shall sign an undertaking to observe the Regulations for the use of SOUL and the Rules made by SOUL Regulations.
3. Readers must inform SOUL of any changes to their current address.
4. The regulations reserve the right to cancel at any time, without assigning cause for the cancellation.
5. Persons over the age of 16 not holding a Reader's Card may be admitted to SOUL for the sole purpose of viewing the building provided that they are accompanied throughout the visit either by a member of the University or by a member of SOUL staff. No member of the University may introduce more than two visitors at one time except by arrangement with the Librarian. Visitors admitted to SOUL under this rule are not permitted to consult any books or other library materials.
6. The Exhibition area is open to all members of the University and the general public.
Code of Conduct
Welcome to SOUL. Members of the 6 Oct City Community and Visitors are invited to use SOUL information resources and services. SOUL strives to provide access to complete and well-maintained collections, information resources and equipment. SOUL seeks to provide a safe and secure environment and facilities suitable for reading, studying and other activities associated with scholarly teaching and research.
Member’s access
The following categories of readers can access or apply for access (please note that researchers wishing to access the University Library must be aged 16 years or over):
·         All members of the 6 October University are welcome to use SOUL.
·         Academic staff, research students and taught postgraduate students from other universities can apply to use SOUL for reference.
·         Undergraduate students from other universities can apply to use SOUL for reference outside the University full terms.
·         Private and business researchers may apply to use SOUL for reference if their research requires access to materials held at SOUL.
·         Applicants wishing to renew their access to SOUL will also need to complete an application form, and present required documentation.
Library users are expected to respect the rights of others, the integrity of Library resources and the scholarly mission of SOUL.
Individuals will:
  1. Use email or Internet resources within the guidelines of O6U computer use policies.
  2. Adhere to policies governing appropriate use of University identification.
  3. Present identification upon request.
  4. Comply with library circulation policies.
  5. Leave buildings at closing and limit use of SOUL to authorized areas only.
  6. Use cell phones in designated areas only.
  7. Behaviors that infringe upon the rights of library users or staff are prohibited.
 Individuals will not:
  1. Exhibit any threatening or intimidating behaviors, e.g., abusive language, threats of violence or harassment.
  2. Engage in behavior that is potentially unsafe or harmful to self or others, e.g., bringing weapons into Library, skateboarding, rollerblading, or throwing objects.
  3. Create disturbances with disruptive noise, e.g., loud talking or audible electronic devices.
  4. Vend, peddle, solicit or petition in SOUL; post or distribute materials without permission.
  5. Use alcohol, tobacco or controlled substances.
  6. Disturb others with strong odors, e.g., perfumes, alcohol or unsanitary personal conditions.
  7. Obstruct use of Library equipment or facilities, or deny access to Library materials through theft or deliberate misplacement.
  8. Deface or damage library materials including underlining, highlighting, writing, using sticky notes or paper clips, removing pages or security devices.
  9. Misuse, misappropriate or damage library furniture, buildings or equipment, including computer systems.
  10. Have food or unapproved drink containers in SOUL, except in designated areas.
  11. Bring animals, other than identified service animals, into Library.
  12. Leave personal belongings unattended.
SOUL Membership Guidelines
Students of October 6 University and  of high institutes of Culture and Science City must present a Library ID Card to enter the library, otherwise, they must to make a membership ID card via:
1.     The applicant must receive the free of charge application from the information desk located in the library. The application stipulates all the procedures and regulations of preserving the library furnishings, physical information sources as well as web-based ones.  
2.     The applicant must fill out the application and certify it by the employer if he is an employee, otherwise, the application must be signed by a governmental employee with his photo on and a certification by the employer. In this case, the applicant’s must submit a photocopy of his National ID card or the passport and the application must be stamped by the employer.
3.     After fulfilling the above stated requirements, the applicant becomes a member of the library and his/her ID card is issued by the IDs Department in the University.
4.     The ID card is personal and must be immediately presented each time the member access the library. It is forbidden to facilitate the use of the ID card to any other party. 
5.     The library member is responsible for reporting on any changes in the personal address, telephone or e-mail.
6.     The Library ID card is valid for one whole year and must be renewed in due date.
7.     A foreign national who would like to be a member of the library must be a full-year resident; he/she must submit a photocopy of his/her valid passport and a guarantee letter stamped by his/her home destination. 
8.     All members must comply with the library regulations, rules and code of ethics.
 Annual Membership and Services
Membership Fees: 60 EGP
The Library ID Card: 10 EGP
Library Membership
One Page: 10 Pt.
Photocopying / page
Copying files to CDs
50 Pt.
Printing on A4 size paper
Printing on A3 size paper
Scanning / page
Copying files to memory sticks
5 pounds 
One or more visits to the library
1.     Free of charge individuals and group visits to the library are welcome after granting a prior acceptance.
2.     The library committee should convene and agree on using the library workstations, conference and/or lecture rooms by the October 6 University community.
3.     The library committee should convene and agree on using the library workstations, conference and/or lecture rooms by non-O6U community.
4.     A 50-percent discount is given to the following non-O6U library patrons:
-          Staff members of all Egyptian universities and research centers
-          O6U alumni
-          Undergraduates with A's

Companies and factories only if the number of membership applicants exceeded ten.