Public Library

Opining the Public Library
October 6 University

President of O6U Prof. Dr. Ahmed Attia Seida has inaugurated the Public Library of the University on Thursday, 6.21.2012 in the presence of Prof. Dr. Talaat Rihan Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Kheir Eddin Abdel-Latif, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Magdy Hegazy, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs in addition to a group of Professors and Faculty Members and SOUL (Six October University Library) Users. The public library is located on the ground floor in the main building of the university library in a distinct site within the City center and away from the campus of about 500 meters> It contains holdings in various areas of knowledge, to serve the local community and to cover all disciplines of interest to Faculty, students, researchers and people living in 6th of October City of all ages. The public library collections consist of information sources on different topics of about 20 thousand items to be available for readers and for outside borrowers. It also includes a number of newspapers, magazines, and different types of maps, along with a number of children's stories and intelligence games.
The aim of the O6U Public Library is to:
   - Serving the surrounding community.
   - Encouraging adults and children on self-education.
   - Providing better investment of leisure time.
   - Upgrading the intelligence in children.
   - Developing conscious intellectual community.
   - Supporting schools in carrying out their roles, and to encouraging the habit of reading among young people.
   - Encouraging self-education for people around O6U from all ages starting from of 6 years.
   - Accessing to books and references that cover users interest.
   - Upgrading citizens who can serve his community, and provide them with books that developing skills to develop their career and raise their level of performance.
   - Providing general information to the public, and providing various types of diverse cultures and experiences.
   - Supporting social relationship, and exchanging views on global and local issues.
   - Organize activities, competitions and seminars in order to develop knowledge in different issues.
   - Encouraging young people to work as a team.
The library collections cover all disciplines needed by the users of all ages. The library also includes a special section for children and young people as well as places for workshops and other activities.
In general, the Library Service also checks the internal and external borrowing, photocopying, current awareness and selective dissemination of information (SDI Service), and research through the automated system. The Library is equipped with up to date equipment and operated by professional staff.
The Library opens its doors to serve the public  starting at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. except holidays.