Famous Egyptian Writer

Some Prominent Writers
SOUL has a breathtaking collection of oil portraits of some of the famous international and Arab figures such as Naguib Mahfouz, Youssef Idris, Aisha Abd Al-Rahman (a.k.a. Bint Al-Shat'e), Ali Mubarak Suleiman, Edward Said, Tawfiq Al-Hakim, Taha Hussein, Ali Musharaffa, Ahmed Zewail, Farouk El-Baz, Muhammad Mutawalli Al-Sha'raawi, Abbas Al-Aqqad, Yahya Haqqi, Youssef El-Sebai, Refa’a Rafe’ Al-Tahtawy, Charles Dickens, and William Shakespeare.
Youssef El-Sebai
·         Born (6 June 1917 – 18 February 1979), in Cairo.
·         After ending his life as an officer in the Egyptian Armed Forces, hestarted his journalistic career.
·         Was one of the main cultural renaissance gurus in the 1970s and became the Minister of Culture in the same period.
·         Wrote 21 short stories, 15 novels, four plays and a number of essays.
·         His most famous writings include: InniRahela (1950),RuddaKalbi (1954)and Bain El Atlal (1959).
Farouk El-Baz
·         Born (1 January 1938 – to date), El-Senbellawein, Dakahlia, Egypt.
·         Received a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Geology and PhD in Economic Geology.
·         Established and directed the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies at the National Air and Space Museum, U.S.A.
·         Participated in the evaluation of NASA’s programs.
·         Was appointed as the Science Adviser to late President Anwar Al-Sadat.
·         Proposed the Development Corridor project to be implemented, Egypt.
Ali Mubarak Suleiman
·         Born (1823 – 14 November 1893),Dakahlia, Egypt.
·         Received a BA in Engineering.
·         Assumed the post of the Minister of Education and Endowment and Islamic Affairs among other posts.
·         The founder of the Faculty of Dar al-Ulum(1872) and Darelkotob(1870).
·         The author of Tathkarat Al-Muhandessen and others.
Mohammed Metwali Al-Sharawy
·         Born on (5 April 1911 – 19 June 1998),Dakahlia, Egypt.
·         Enrolled in the Faculty of Arabic Language, Al-Azhar University.
·         Assumed the post of the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs.
·         One of the most acknowledged Quran interpreters in recent history.
·         Penned several religious books such as Islam and the Contemporary Thought, Al-Fatawa and The Miracle of Quran.
Edward Said
·         Born (1 January 1935 – 25 September 2003), Jerusalem.
·         Received PhD from Harvard University.
·         Worked as an advisor to the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.
·         A multilingual who wrote several studies, papers and articles in English literature and music and founded a number of cultural magazines.
·         Orientalism and the Last Sky are among the most acknowledged works he has ever written.
Ali Mustafa Musharaffa
·         Born (11 July 1898 – 15 January 1950)
·         An Egyptian physicist and the first Dean of the Faculty of Science who later became the Vice-President of Cairo University.
·         Received his PhD from the UK in the philosophy of Science.
·         The first scientist to propose that bombs could be made from hydrogen.
·         The first to conduct research on the measurement of space.
·         The founder of the Translation Department, Cairo University.
·         Wrote many books including The Atom and Atomic Bombs and Descriptive Engineering.
Naguib Mahfouz
·         Born (11 December 1911 – 20 August 2006), Gamaleyya, Cairo.
·         Received BA in philosophy, the Faculty of Arts.
·         Was assigned to a number of posts such as the advisor to the Minister of Culture.
·         He is a pre-eminent novelist and one of the greats Arab authors ever.
·         His widely acclaimed writings include Been Al-Kasren (1956) and Al-Sokkariya (1957).
·         Won the 1988 Nobel Prize for Literature.
Yahya Haqqi
·         Born (7 January 1905 – December 1992), Sayyada Zeinab, Cairo. 
·         Received BA in Law in 1925.
·         Worked as a lawyer for a short period, joined the diplomatic corps and later became the Editor-in-Chief of the cultural magazine Al-Majalla.
·         was awarded Egypt Recognition Award in Literature (1967)
·         Was awarded the First Class Knight Decoration and the honorary doctorate.
·         Won the King Faisal International Prize in Literature.
·         Umm Hashim Lantern and The Postman are among his most acknowledged masterpieces.
Refa'ahRafie' Al Tahtawi
·         Born (14 November 1801 – 27 May 1873), Tahta, Sohag, Egypt.
·         A student of Al-Azhar University.
·         Worked as an Islamic preacher for the Army in Mohammed Ali era. 
·         Was nominated to work as the Imam to one of the Army missions sent to France. There, he learnt French and became involved in translation.
·         His most prominent work is Talkhees Al-Ebreez fi Talkhees Paris.
Taha Hussein
·         Born (November 14, 1889—October 28, 1973),Izbet el Kilo, Minya, Egypt.
·         Received PhD in Arabic literature, 1914.
·         Became the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and the Minister of Education among other key posts.
·         Was awarded Egypt Recognition Award in Literature, 1958.
·         A selection of his works includes Pre-Islamic Arabic Poetry, Doaa’ Al Karawan (1934) and Al-Ayam (1933).
Ahmed Zewail
·         Born (26 April 1946 – to date), Damanhur, Beheira, Egypt.
·         Received his BA in chemistry and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, USA, 1974.
·         Director of the Laboratory for Molecular Sciences (NSF) was among his academic positions.
·         In 1998, he was awarded The Franklin Medal in Chemistry following his work on femtoseconds.
Mahmoud Mahfouz
·         Born (1923 – March 2008), Damanhur, Beheira, Egypt.
·         Received BA in medicine, 1948.
·         The Egyptian Ministerof Health, (1972 – 1974) and other posts.
·         The president of October 6 University, (1996 – 2000).
Yehia El-Gamal
·         Born (1928 – to date).
·         Received BA in Law, Cairo University, 1952.
·         The Minister of State,1974.
·         Minister of State for Local Development, 1974.
·         The Egyptian Vice Prime Minister for Political Development and Democratic Transition (2011). 
Aisha Abd Al-Rahman (a.k.a. Bint Al-Shat'e)
·         Born (6 November 1913 – 1 December 1998), Damietta, Egypt.
·         BA in Arts, the Department of Arabic Language and PhD in Literature and Criticism.
·         Worked as a lecturer of literature, Ain Shams University, a lecturer in K.S.A. and visiting professor to the University of Kairouan.
·         Authored a number of masterpieces in Quranic and Islamic studies; the Prophet's Mother, the Prophet's Wives and the Prophet's Daughters.
·         Her writings include the Semantic Miracle of Quran, Prophet's Mother and Al-Sayeda Zeinab.
William Shakespeare
·         Born (26 April 1564 – 1 April 1616), UK.
·         The greatest English dramatist and poet ever born.
·         He wrote comic, historical and tragic masterpieces including Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and King Lear.