Circulation Policy

Circulation Policy
Who may borrow materials from the libraries?
·         Students
·         Faculty
·         Staff
·         Alumni
·         Associates of the University O6 Library
·         University O6 Library research projects
·         Individuals associated with University O6 Library agencies by specific arrangement
·         6 October residents (at least 16 years of age)
·         Faculty and students at other higher education institutions of 6 October University.
·         Independent researchers
How do I obtain borrowing privileges?
Present current, valid identification at SOUL circulation desk. Valid forms of identification:
·         student, faculty or staff ID card
·         6 October driver's license or ID card
·         Membership card of the Alumni Association
·         Proof of graduation from O6U and an ID card
·         Proof of membership in Associates of the SOUL and an ID card
·         ID card from a O6U higher education institution
·         Approved independent researcher application (available at circulation desks) and an ID card
May I renew materials? How do I renew materials?
The libraries allow unlimited renewals of most materials.  Materials that may not be renewed:
·         items that have been recalled from you (i.e. requested by someone else)
·         reference books
·         journal issues and volumes
·         reserved items
Some materials may be renewed: you can do this through the website  or by phone. 
May I recall materials if they are checked out? How do I recall materials?
Recalled items must be returned within one week of the recall notice. Recalled items accrue overdue fines at a rate of LE 1.00 per day.  Once the item is returned, the requesting user will be notified and the item will be held at the library’s service desk for 7 days, after which it will be re-shelved or circulated to the next waiting user.
Where do I return materials?
All materials must be returned to SOUL without any delays.
When materials are returned late and fines have accrued, the user will receive notification of the amount and reason for the fines. When materials are not returned and become long overdue, the user is billed for replacement cost and library privileges are suspended. This includes use of Special Collections, and library Services. Payment for materials found and returned within 90 days of payment will be refunded.
Student fines will be referred to the University Student Financial Services for collection as part of the university’s centralized billing system. Other users may clear their accounts at SOUL circulation unit by returning the items.