Library Services


• To provide search in Library collection through the Online Public Access Catalogue within the Library and outside via its      website.
• External borrowing and internal reading.
• Photocopying documents.
• Search in the subscribed International databases.
• Search in the Knowledge Bank of Egypt.
• Provide excellent reference services.
• Identify the users’ needs through fill questionnaires designed for this purpose.
• Provide access to previous years for students’ exams.
• Current Awareness and Selective Dissemination of Information services.
• Customize Halls to discuss the students' graduation projects, and also for studying and internal reading.
• Arrange some activities, such as exhibitions, meetings, seminars and conferences.
• Identify complaints of users through personal communication and through chick the box of complaints and suggestions.
• Dedicated Hall to display scientific theses and student projects of graduation to serve the researchers and students.
• Purchasing the latest editions of the books that serve all disciplines colleges on a regular basis.
The public library provides excellent services to its users from the local community, including:
  1. Summer activities: development skills (such as drawing, Arabic calligraphy, painting, hand crafts, languages, computer,             music, art of etiquette, human development ... etc.).
   2. To read daily newspapers, and to prepare Archive of the Higher Education News of the Egyptian government and private         universities.