Egyptian Knowledge Bank

The library allows you to search the contents of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, which currently has about 113 international databases in different disciplines and educational levels. It also directs students, faculty and their assistants to register on the bank through the library Databases Labs to have the User name and the password to enable them to search the contents of these rules.

Those wishing to participate in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank should go to the database hall located in the first floor of the central library to register in the bank or to identify how to deal with the existing databases. The library provides a dedicated database lab equipped with the latest equipment to assist the researchers, Database queries and how to register.
To download list of available databases in Egyptain Knowledge Bank Please Click Here
The administrators of the Knowledge Bank are updating their content periodically between additions and deletions.

What is Egyptian Knowledge Bank
 Education is one of most controversial issues facing the Egyptian society.

What is a problem that everybody is trying to put out radical solutions for it? Everyone knows that by solving the education problem in Egypt Automatically many other problems in the country will be solved.

Education is the engine that will move the country forward towards future horizons.

But how can a problem that have been escalated over decades to reach where we are today, could be solved?

Towards Egyptian society “That learns, thinks and innovates”:

Which is the initiative that has been launched by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi during the science day in 2014? And through it the specialized councils of the presidency started to launch several national projects Concerned with education development. Proposing solutions to fix this problem, and thanks to the political leadership beliefs in the importance of education for a better future.

The presidential initiatives turned up to launch the national projects, as ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, and presidential leadership program for youth.

As well as the “Egyptian Knowledge Bank”, knowledge Bank is one of the largest national projects that is concerned with education in Egypt, it aims to provide a huge and diversified sources for knowledge and culture for free, to all Egyptians.

It comes after contracting with several international publishing houses to publish their contents in all scientific and cultural disciplines, to have the system for the new Egyptian Cultural Revolution completed.

Specialized Council of Education and Scientific Research, started Taking steps to accomplish this project, conducted foreign & local visits, after studying all the needs of the Egyptian society, as well as studying the global publishing market evaluating most of the corporations and large entities working within the field, then negotiations took place in order to complete this project.

Egyptian Knowledge Bank, will grant all Egyptians from all ages access to the largest amount of knowledge, cultural and scientific contents whether it is basic, applied, technology, human or management science and even public cultural books, including books targeting children.

For any Egyptian citizen in country, through a unified portal, inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, to be used through all computers, as well as smart phones and tablets.

 Now the Board of Trustees of the project is being formed with a mission to set programs and mechanisms to activate ways for utilizing all this content, through conducting public forums and workshops from various governorates, in universities, youth centers, culture palaces, clubs and schools.