SOUL in Brief

Six October University Library (SOUL) Operates as a cultural beacon that supports the Curriculum, Academic Programs, and Scientific Researches, along with Providing Services to the local Community. SOUL consists of: University Library, Electronic Library and Public Library. The Paper based Content, SOUL has about 200 scientific periodicals and more than 85 thousands of textbooks, references and others, Issued in Arabic and foreign languages, in addition to more than one thousand theses. SOUL displays selected projects prepared by O6U students under the supervision of its Staff. Bibliographical data of all SOUL collections are available for search through its Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) to identify their Locations for easy Handling. SOUL also has museums that comprise some of the personal belongings of the most famous writers such as Naguib Mahfouz (Nobel laureate in literature), Youssef Idris and Abbas al-Aqqad, their works, busts and other reproduced ancient antiques. The digital Library in SOUL serve its users in term of: a) SOUL subscribes in nine specialized databases from EBSCO, namely: Dentistry & Oral Science Source; MEDLINE with Full text; SPORT Discus with Full text; eBook Academic Collection; ERIC; LISTA; Green FILE; Funk & Wagnall's, and Teacher reference, b) SOUL displays more than a hundred of international databases provided by the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. These databases are issued by the largest publishing houses in the world to cover various disciplines of science and knowledge serving all the Egyptian community, students, researchers, youth, and the public; c) Resources available on CD-ROMs and DVDs; and d) The availability of Internet to access open sources. The library now provides millions of information sources, full-text, in various disciplines to all library visitors in digital format.