Training Course

The Central Library, in cooperation with the Unified Arab Index, organized a training course on:

“Bibliographic Cataloging of the Book, Rules and Standards and Mark 21”.

Through the period 20-22 / 1/2019 from 10 am to 3 pm.

The trainees are:

  • 27 trainees from the members of United Arab Index.
  • 16 trainees working in the central library
  • 4 specialized trainers

The following topics were addressed:

1- The functional requirements of the bibliographic record (FRBR) and its relation to the rules and the mother

2 – Philosophy of building rules (RDA)

  1. Organization and structure

4 – General principles in the application of instructions and guidance

  1. Basic description.

6 – Bibliographic Cataloging of the book according to the rules and the standard of Mark 21

  1. Summary of the main differences between Anglo-American cataloging rules and RDA rules
  2. Practices of the Unified Arab Index in the application of rules and regulations

9 – Templates ready indexing for the establishment of records of the book

10 – A model for cataloging a book

11 – Benefits of the library from the application of rules

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