Copying Services
The copy service is one of the basic services provided by SOUL to the users, especially in case of collection are not for loan outside the Library. Therefore, this service is a complementary service of outside loan. The copying unit is rented by a specialized company in the field, staffed by well trained personnel, and provides service at reasonable prices. Copying Unit workers are committed to work in the framework of the regulations in force, and restricted to the intellectual property protection laws and within the prescribed percentage not more than 10% of any book. In the case of violating the Unit of the instructions K the full responsibility is on the tenant side.
Making & Paying for Photocopies
You can make black and white photocopies using the copy machines on the second floor of the library. The copiers are located to the other side of the main entrance as you walk in, behind the wall partition. Copying is 10 piaster per page.
Scans & transparencies
Image, document, artwork, prints, photos, or slides can be scanned to a digital format on the second floor of the library.
Transparencies as well as color copies can be done at the same desk on the second floor of the library.