Discussion of Scientific Theses – The effectiveness of enrichment

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Discussion of Scientific Theses

Researches Ms. Amal Saeed Mostafa Shanab

In accordance with the agreement of academic cooperation between Helwan University and 6th of October University, a master’s thesis was presented by Ms. Amal Said Mustafa Shanab in one of the conference halls of the Central Library on Sunday 16-9-2018 entitled: “The effectiveness of enrichment activities based on the value input to enhance social efficiency and development of communication skills in kindergarten children”.

The discussion and governance committee consisted of: Prof. Dr. Salah El-Din Abdel-Hamid Khader Professor of Curriculum and Teaching Methods at Helwan University and Dean of the Faculty of Education, 6th October University Supervisor and Member, Prof. Afaf Ahmed Taima Khader Professor of Curriculum and Instruction , Faculty of Education, Helwan University , Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel Hamid, Professor of Children’s Curriculum and Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, Banha University, discussion and member, Prof. Dr. Amani Abdel Wahab Montaser, Professor of Curriculum and Teaching Methods, Faculty of Education, Helwan University.

After the discussion, the researcher received The Master Degree with excellent grade.

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