The Annual Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels (Counseling Department)

On 12/14/2022, the Annual Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels – Guidance Department was held in the Central Library of the University, started from 10 am to 2:30 pm, in the presence of the faculty members and students, in addition to the distinguished graduates from the department. The conference was started with the speech of Prof. Dr. Hana Fayed, Dean of the Faculty, followed by a speech by the head of the department. Then the activities of the conference began. The first session was devoted to students and graduates, where the students presented a theatrical performance of Isis and Osiris. They also presented an electronic program for writing in hieroglyphs; a research was presented on Ahmed Ibn Tulun. As for the graduates, one of them conveyed his experience in preparing research projects, while the other talked about tourism guidance and digital marketing. In the second session, the faculty members of the department presented a set of research papers published in scientific journals inside and outside Egypt, and one of the staff members presented her experience in traveling to study abroad. The conference concluded by honoring the distinguished students and graduates of the department.

The total number of attendees was about 72 person.

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