Workshop on “Isokinetic

On Sunday 12/18/2022, the Faculty of Physiotherapy – October 6 University, in cooperation with the Sky Life Foundation, organized a workshop entitled “Simplifying the Concept of Isokinetic” at the Central Library

Dr. Rafik Radwan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Sky Life Foundation, a teacher at the Department of Mechanics at Cairo University, delivered a lecture entitled:

Understanding the concept of isokinetic”

The Lecture extended for three hours, followed by an explanation of the practical part in the isokinetic laboratory at the College.

Prof. Dr. Faten Hassan Abdel-Azim, Dean of the College, and a group of faculty members and assistant staff attended:

Dr. Ahmed Attia Ashour, Department of Biomechanics

Dr. Bassam Ahmed Nabil, Department of Biomechanics

Dr. Mayada Ghallush, Department of Biomechanics

Dr. Samar Salem Children’s Department

Dr. Sarah Shawky Pediatric Department

Dr. Shaima Shawky, Children’s Department

Dr. Sameh Ahmed, Children’s Department

Dr. Sarah Khaled, Department of Basic Sciences

Dr. Ahd Ramadan, Department of bones

A number of 74 students from different levels attended.

The “Stars of physical therapy” Family in the College also played an active role in preparing the workshop by designing a banner advertising the workshop and so on.

The attendees praised the workshop, asking for it to be repeated to cover the advanced parts of isokinetic.

  • The meeting started at 11 am and ended at 2 pm.
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