Exhibitions : Furniture between past present” “

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On Wednesday, 18/4/2018, an exhibition of the works of the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts was held under the supervision of Dr. Gihan Al-Dejwy, Professor of the article entitled “Furniture between Past and Present”

Furniture between past present” “

The opening bar was cut at 10:00 am at the Central Library Exhibition Hall in the first floor

In the presence of :

Prof. Ahmed Attia, The Past President of 6th October University

Prof.Dr.Kher El – Dean Abdellatif  The past Deputy Chairman of the University

Prof.Dr. Ahmed Awad, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts

Former Minister of Education Dr. Wael Al-Dejawi

Prof.Dr. Ismail Awad Professor of furniture design

Prof.Dr. Mamdouh Abdou, Professor of Interior Architecture

Dr. Maurice Abu Elsaad Library Director

Mr. Mostafa Kamal Abbas Deputy of  Library Director

The exhibition presents  various exhibits including :

. Furniture, Mackets, paintings and aesthetic designs

At 11 pm , the students participating in the exhibition were honored in Hall 1002 on the ground floor and handed over certificates of appreciatied by distribution of Prof. Gihan Al-Dajwy in the presence of the guests. The exhibition continued from 18/4/2018 until 25/4/2018.