Circulation Policy

Who may borrow materials from the libraries?

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Alumni
  • Associates of the University O6 Library
  • Individuals associated with University O6 Library agencies by specific arrangement
  • 6 October residents (at least 16 years of age)
  • Faculty and students of higher education institutes of 6 October University.
  • Independent researchers.

How do I obtain borrowing privileges?

Present current, valid identification at SOUL circulation desk. Valid forms of identification:

  • Student, faculty or staff ID card
  • Driver’s license or ID card
  • Membership card of the Alumni Association
  • Proof of graduation from O6U and an ID card
  • Proof of membership in Associates of the SOUL and an ID card
  • ID card from a O6U higher education institution
  • Approved independent researcher application (available at circulation desks) and an ID card

May I renew materials? How do I renew materials?

The libraries allow renewals of most materials.  Materials that may not be renewed, such as:

  • Items that have been recalled from you (i.e. requested by someone else)
  • Reference books.
  • Journal issues and volumes.
  • Reserved items.

Some materials may be renewed: you can do this through the website  or by phone.

May I recall materials if they are checked out? How do I recall materials?

Recalled items must be returned within one week of the recall notice. Recalled items accrue overdue fines at a rate of LE 5.00 per day for each item.  Once the item is returned, the requesting user will be notified and the item will be held at the library’s service desk for 7 days, after which it will be re-shelved or circulated to the next waiting user.

Where do I return materials?

All materials must be returned to SOUL without any delays. When materials are returned late and fines have accrued, the user will receive notification of the amount and reason for the fines. When materials are not returned and become long overdue, the library suspends the privileges provided for user. This includes use of special collections, and library services.

  • Outside Borrowing:
No. Category No. of books allowed
1 Faculty members 3
2 Teaching Assistant 2
3 University staff 2
4 Postgraduate Students 2
5 Bachelor Students 2
6 Outside Members 2
  1. The number of items for borrowing should not exceed the number of books allotted for each category:
  2. The loan period shall be two weeks, and may be renewed only once for the same period in case of duplicate copies for reading inside the library. The library management shall have the right to return back the loan for these categories during the period of borrowing.
  3. Books with one copy may be loaned for overnight or during the weekend. The library management may organize this service on the other days depending on the intensity of the users’ request.
  4. If the period of the loan has elapsed without returning back the borrowed items in the due date, the following actions shall be taken:
  • Notify in writing to return the books within seven days, otherwise it is forbidden to borrow if he is a student.
  • It is forbidden to receive his documents or to announce his results until he has returned back the book or paid for it as stipulated in the Library statute.
  • Financial penalties for delay days.
  • If a faculty member, assistant teacher, teacher or university employee is notified, the Financial Department shall be notified to take action.
  • A withdrawal from the library must be obtained upon graduation or completion of work, and shall be vacated only after the books have been returned or paid for.
  • A faculty member can keep a loaned book for one academic semester when two or more copies of the book are available, in accordance with a letter from the dean of the faculty stating the use of the book as a college course.
  1. The user shall return what he has borrowed from the books in the case he has received from the library. He shall be obliged to compensate for the damage or loss, thereof by bringing an alternative copy of the same edition or a new edition in addition to pay 10% as administrative expenses or a fine of up to three times of the price of the book less than one hundred pounds and double price of the book more than 100 pounds+ plus 10% of the price for administrative expenses, and if the lost book was donated, the library manager estimates its price if not estimated. If the book is a part of a group, the total value of the series must be paid, plus 10% administrative expenses and the value of the binding. In the case of books or journals that cannot be replaced the Library management or the Library Committee can estimate its price. In case the book is delayed, the user is obliged to pay a delay penalty for one book at a rate of five pounds for each day of delay, up to a maximum of three times for the book price less than one hundred pounds and two times for book of price more than one hundred pounds.
  2. If the delay and loss are combined, they will be paid together.
  3. After paying the price of the damaged or missing book, the acquisition specialist shall must deducted the book from the Library collection and record the justification in the notes section of the system, and the amounts paid shall be added to the balances allocated to SOUL.
  4. The administration of the Library shall have the right to deprive anyone who violates its instructions, regulations, traditions, morals from benefiting its services.
  5. All undergraduate students must return the borrowed items back to the Library before the end of the academic year.
  • Internal Borrowing:

The user may borrow books of one copy and return it back to the library before the end of the same date. In the case of delayed return of the material borrowed on time, a fine of (50) fifty pounds shall be applied for each day of delay for each book.