Egyptian Library Association

The Egyptian Library Association is one of the sites that provides all sources of knowledge for the Egyptian researcher:
Egyptian Universities Library Collections
Masters and PhD thesis for Egyptian researchers
Theseses are subject to study at Egyptian universities
Research of faculty members in Egyptian universities
Scientific journals issued by Egyptian universities
Electronic holdings owned by Egyptian universities
Archive of e-lectures broadcast
Communicate with major global libraries to learn about the latest books
Communicate with the major international databases, which participate in the Supreme Council of Universities to learn about the latest scientific research in the world as well as access to more than 25 thousand patrols and download the full text.
ResearchGate is a social networking website
ResearchGate is a social networking site and free collaboration tool for scientific researchers from all branches of science. The research portal provides web applications including semantic search (full abstract search), file sharing, database sharing for publications (eg EndNote offices), forums, methodological discussions, and groups. Participants can also create their own blog in the network. The network has assembled a user base for more than 1,400,000 researchers from 192 countries.
Google Scholar
Google Scholar is a search engine for scientific and academic publications that researchers and scientists need.
Digital Library Online
A digital online library in educational research and information at the US Department of Education.
Liberal Academy
The liberal academy aims to introduce educational videos in an innovative way. The Academy offers free high-quality courses in the areas of mathematics, technology, natural sciences, social sciences, health and skills development, as well as free courses for Egyptian curricula in secondary and secondary education.
Wide range of academic materials
Offers a wide range of academic materials to the world’s largest universities, such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford, a well-organized organization that could be an opportunity to learn from the greatest professors in their field.
EDX courses online
EDX offers online courses open to all, most of which are run by prestigious universities around the world. There are now about 7 million people enrolled in more than 700 EDX sessions, some of which are free, but most of them cost a small annual fee, in dollars.