Exhibits Policy

Exhibits are a valuable part of SOUL’s outreach public services and users’ education program. Exhibits inform, educate, and promote the Library’ information resources and services, and entertainment. Exhibits provide an excellent opportunity for SOUL to engage in collaborative projects, especially with faculty members and others in the university community.

SOUL hosts a variety of exhibits including, for example, displays of new editions of books, selected examples from the collections, and traveling exhibits of artifacts, documents, and books. Individual units use a variety of exhibit “equipment” ranging from bulletin boards to glazed, lighted cabinets, both free standing and built-in.

This policy defines the philosophy and goals for exhibits and public art displays throughout the Library, identifies responsibility for these programs, and defines acceptance guidelines and general policies. Smaller exhibits which are regarded by Library staff as “displays” are covered by this policy with the exception of extent of publicity. Library staff involved in organizing and/or mounting exhibits or displays are deemed to be acting within the course of official duties and under the authority of the 6 Oct University Library.