Can I renew my books if I have an outstanding fine?
Fines of more than LE 5 will prevent you from renewing your books, reserving items or accessing the library’s electronic resources. The Library telephone 02 38376284 / 38376279.
Will I be able to graduate if I still owe books or fines?
If your college is part of the University of 6 October, you will need to clear your Library account of all outstanding books and fines before your membership expires.
I’ve forgotten my library card, can I still borrow items?
No, you need your Library card whenever you want to borrow material from the Library.
Can I renew my books if my membership has expired?
No, once your membership has expired all outstanding books should be returned to the Library immediately and any outstanding fines paid off. If your card has expired, but you are continuing your study, you will need to come to the Library membership desk with your new current student card in order to extend your membership and to be able to continue to use the library services. Outstanding books or fines on your library account may delay the receipt of your final results and graduation
What do I do if I have lost a book?
If you have lost a book that is checked out to you, you may pay double of its price, or buy a replacement copy yourself and pay a 10% of the total fine as administration fee. The book should be an exact replacement of the item lost. Please contact the relevant subject librarian if you require further information regarding replacing the lost book once you have either replaced or paid for a lost book, no refund can be given if you subsequently find the missing book.
What do I do if I believe I have returned a book, but it is still showing on my account?
 You will need to contact one of the staff in person. Please give full details of the book concerned including where and when you believe the book was returned to the Library. Library staff will then carries out a full search process over a number of weeks and update you by email regarding any progress. The book remains your responsibility until it is either found by the Library staff or returned to the library. If the book is not found or returned to the library by the end of the search process, you will be charged for a lost book.
How will the library get in touch with me?
We will get in touch with you via email or if you have no email address, by calling you. It is the reader’s responsibility to ensure that the addresses we have are correct. You have to update your personal information regularly.
How can I pay my library fines?
Fines can be paid at the university library treasury officer.
What happens if I lose my membership card?
Library memberships are non-transferable and may only be used by the person named on the card. Your library membership card is required to use the library. You cannot borrow books without it. If you lose your card go to the membership desk on the 1st floor of the library. There is a replacement charge, please make sure you bring your card with you every time you visit.
 Never borrow books for another person to use. You are responsible for everything borrowed on your account, including fines for late renewal or return, and replacement charges for any item not returned.