This floor has a set of halls:

  • Five halls for paper based books (Halls No. 1201,1203,1204,1205,1212).
  • Multimedia Lab and Self-Education, (Hall No.1202).
  • Hall of theses and scientific journals, (Hall No.1208).
  • The Deputy Director Office , Hall No. (1207).
  • A reading hall for about 100 users .
  • Meeting Room.

Reading Hall

A large hall furnished with a large number of reading tables , and chairs of high quality, and can accommodate about a hundred user,  number of computers are available to serve the users to search in OPAC by themselves or with the help of  librarians to access the classification  number of books  and the hall number that includes this book . In addition, there is a large screen to display auto-run of various library services and how to search in OPAC and  guidance for users to know the membership system for those wishing to participate in the library from outside the university.

The users can read in all halls that include the books or in the external halls. All of which are equipped  with high quality furniture, equipment and devices and conform to the libraries standards of the users should comply with the instructions of the library.