Dear Our Users




It is my pleasure to welcome you all in the Six October University Library (SOUL), whether you are a first-year student, looking for furthering your learning and research or have been a long-standing member of the University community. SOUL Staff is here to support your academic success through our collections, activities, and services.
SOUL organizes a set of orientation sessions, continually, especially for the new comers, to be acquainted with all the facilities available in the Library.
These Sessions include some Lectures for students to teach technical writing, e.g. “How to Write a Term Paper “
We are committed to realize our vision through encouraging the creation, dissemination, and celebration of knowledge, and to see the library as a place where important conversations happen, curiosity and experimentation are encouraged, collaboration and diversity are fundamental. We are also committed to preserving the past and present work of our communities as a node in a vast network of global knowledge.
I invite you to explore our collections of over 95 thousand print along with the electronic books, journals, databases…etc. and to take advantage of the expertise of our staff. All our collection is available for search through the library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). So, take a look on our evolving facilities whether you are visiting in person or virtually through the website.
You are welcome to visit SOUL to explore and discover, review and reflect, and learn from our varied and significant resources, and please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions, or feedback through our website .
I’m sure that thousands of students, alumni, and faculty of October 6 University will enjoy with SOUL services and its activities.
Have a productive and successful academic year.
Remember, we’re here to serve YOU ALL!


Maurice A. Mikhail, PhD
Director, SOUL