Public Library (Adults) Hall – (1011):
And includes about 17000 books covering the branches of science and knowledge in all disciplines that aspire to the  professors, students and researchers, as well as citizens, either who live within the city of October 6 or from outside  all age .
Internal reading books and external borrowing is available, as well as a  number of daily newspapers and using of educational aids and maps.
It includes collections of books on different subjects, so that those who seeking knowledge can read it or borrow it,all are automatically recorded on the library’s automated system.
The Public Library aims to:

  • Encouraging self-learning for adults and children, as well as enabling them to obtain books and references to fill their needs.
  • Working on forming an active citizen who can serve himself and serve the community in which he lives, and provide him with books that develop his various technical skills, in order general to develop his profession upgrade .
  • Providing general information to the public, providing it with different kinds of cultures and diverse experiences, and enabling it to continuously follow up the development of knowledge in various fields activate the visitors .
  • Make leisure work useful and support social links by sharing views on local and global problems.
  • Providing internal and external borrowing services, photocopying , current awareness services and searching in OPAC. SOUL equipped with the newest furniture and computers. The specialized staff  are well trained staff. And all the library holdings are arranged on the shelves according to the subject headings and the   Dewey decimal classification. The user can search in the collection alone or with the help of specialists at the library.