International databases

Digital Library at 6 October University aims to facilitate user access to information sources that meets their needs in various fields from inside and outside the University, where users can search the available information sources, whether within SOUL collection or the subscribed international database as follows:

  • EBSCOHost Database

The EBSCOHost is one of the largest and most important international websites in the field of electronic information services, which offers a variety of research, including the Advanced Search through Boolean Search, or search by language in the indexed topics, and titles of magazines. This research helps users and researchers to access the topics they are looking for as required. This is done by connecting link between full-text data to guide the researcher to the published papers or journals titles on the subject, author, etc. The site also allows printing articles or sent by e-mail or by uploaded to the media.

SOUL subscribed in some of the databases of EBSCOHost entitled:

  1. Academic Search Complete.
    2. Dentistry & Oral Sciences Sources.
    3. MEDLINE with Full Text.
    4. ERIC: Educational Resource Information Center.
    5. LISTA: Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts.
    6. GreenFIL.

To Access the Database website click here