Health Awareness

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Health Awareness

On Monday 8/4/2019, SOUL organized in cooperation with the members of the students Faculties  Union of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Physiotherapy and Applied Medical Sciences, organized a training session on Health Day for the Students, scheduled for Wednesday 10/4-2019 at the university compass .

meeting  managed :

Dr. Tarek Saad Makram, MD, Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy, and Youth Leader of the Students Union.

The meeting was organized by:

The students Mohammed Shaban Mohammed, Secretary General of the Scientific Committee of the University.

And the student Mahmoud Abdel Samieh,  Secretary General of the Committee of Al Gawala and Public Service.

The officials of the Union presented thanks to  :

Prof. Dr. Talaat, Acting President of the University

Dr. Maurice Abou El Saad Director of the Central Library

Mr. Ahmed Allam Director of Youth Affairs Department to organize the meeting.

The number of attendees was 45 students

The meeting started from 2 pm and ended at 5 pm.

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