Dermatology Conference on Psoriasis

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On Thursday 18/4/2019, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery organized a Conference on About Dermatology: Psoriasis under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Talaat, the Acting President of the University , in the main Hall of the Central Library. Dean of the College, Prof. Dawlat El Meligey inaugurated  the Conference  .

The Podium had  the head of the Dermatology Department , Prof. Abdul Aziz Al-Taweel, the Vice-Dean of the students affairs, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz, and the Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Dr. Amira Hamid Mohamed .

The meeting started at 10 am and ended at 2.30 the attendees are doctors from the University, 6 October University Hospital, Banha University Hospital, Al-Zaqariq University,  Hood Al-Marzoud Hospital and Al Azher University Hospital .

The number of attendees was about 80 Doctors .

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