Discussion of Scientific Theses M.Sc of Mr. Ahmed Abdallah Khalifa Radwan

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In accordance with the agreement of academic cooperation between Helwan University and  of  October 6 University, the discussion of this thesis was done in one of the conference halls at the Central Library on Monday , 24-7-2019 entitled “(The effectiveness of a language-based training program in reducing speech disorders in two classes of students with mental disabilities)” .

The committee of discussion and judgment was : of

1-Prof.Dr. Ahmed Ali Badawi Professor of Mental Health Faculty of Education Helwan University as a supervisor .

2- Prof.Dr .Fatma Said Barakat, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Head of Department, Faculty of Education, 6th October University

3- Prof . Dr. Seham Ali Abdul Hamid Professor of Mental Health Faculty of Education, Helwan University discussed

4- Prof.Dr. Manal Abd el Naeem Mohamed Professor of Curriculum and Instruction Faculty of Education for Graduate Studies Cairo University

After the discussion, the researcher obtained a master’s degree with excellent grade.

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