Research Quality Workshop

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Within the framework of the University’s plan to develop the skills of the faculty members and their pursuit of scientific research, a workshop entitled “Research Quality” Presented by two lecturers: Dr. Walid Hassan and Dr. Ayman Akil on Thursday, 26-9-2019 from 10 am to 2 pm in Hall 1002 of Central Library.

Workshop objectives

  1. How to define your research subject area: ideas, hot subjects, literature?
  2. What to read and what to cite?
  3. Research methodology: Tips on best practices in experimentation
  4. Quality matrix of indicators.
  5. What, where and why to publish?
  6. When not to publish and when one should think of filing a patent?
  7. Insights of the capabilities of our data of being applied in research planning, execution and translation.

The number of faculty members and the assistants reached up to 54 trainees.


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