Training courses – Course on “Qualifying youth to work in banks”

On Sunday, 8-12-2019, the Faculty of Economics and Administration in one of the halls of the Central Library organized a training program entitled “Qualifying young people to work in banks”

The program included: two meetings

1- The first meeting: on Sunday, 8-12-2019

2- The second meeting Tuesday 10-12-2019

The training was conducted by Prof.Dr. Tareq Abdel-Al aal Hammad – Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration at the University.

In the first meeting he explained a group of objectives, rg:

1- Introduce the student to the basic ingredients for applying to any job, including: –

– Writing a qualified CV.

–   Conducting a successful personal interview.

–  Passing the intelligence and language test held by the employer.

Pass the general and specialty information test.

2-Qualifying young people to join work in banks by displaying important information about the business and activities of banks and their types.

3-Take a test at the end of the course enroll students for training in banks during the summer vacation.

The training meeting continued from 10:00 am until 13:00 pm.

The number of attendees reached up 120  students from the Faculty from all different levels

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