Scientific on Writing Seminar

On Tuesday 10-12-2019, SOUL organized a seminar entitled: Scientific Writing and  its Tools

It is oriented to for graduate students at the Faculty of Education to introduce methods of preparing and writing scientific reports , researching content in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and in the  other databases available in SOUL, as well as searching in OPAC of SOUL .

The meeting was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Saeed Khalil, Dean of the College and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Vice-Dean of the College, along with a number of 30 researchers, including phD’s, demonstrators and postgraduate students.

The program included the following components: –

1- Description of methods of preparing and writing scientific reports, which included the following: –

1.1 The components of the scientific report

 How to write the title.

 Listing authors’ names and their affiliations.

 How to prepare a an affective Abstract.

Writing the introduction .

Writing materials and methods.

Writing the results.

Writing discussion.

Writing conclusions.

 Acknowledgment .

 Writing notes  and their listing in text .

 Writing references and  their citations  inside the text.

1.2 The basic components of the book.

1.3 Introducing Style Manuals.

1.4 Plagiarism and how to avoid.

2- On the other hand, Mr. Amr Ali Ahmed, in charge of the digital library, elaborated on the following elements:

1) searching in to the Egyptian Knowledge Bank contents

How to get the user’s name and password

How to search  in its contents

The way to search

2.2 Search in EBSCO databases.

2.3 Searching in OPAC.

The meeting ended at two  o’clock in the afternoon.

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