On Sunday, February 23/2020, SOUL organized  a meeting for the new students joining the family of (Creative Youth) at the university, to of inform them with the activities carried out by the family to provide them with a brief summary on what will be presented during the second semester and updates  the student activity attendees . The meeting started at twelve o’clock in the afternoon and ended at four o’clock in the . seminars hall .

The number of attendees reached up to 60 students .

Another meeting was also held for the General Union in the presence of the presidents, deputies and members of the federations of all colleges in the university, in addition to the student families and scientific societies at the university .  The General Union’s keen to work as a team  on teamwork and cooperation among all students

The meeting started at 2:00 and continued until 4: 00 in the afternoon .

The number of attendees reached up to 80 students .

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