NEW COMER STUDENTS VISITED SOUL FACULTY : OF EDUCATION (Second GROUP) (Arabic, English and kindergarten sections)

O6U provides the opportunity for students of the first level  from all faculties of the university to visit the library to get acquainted with its activities and services. The Second group of students from Faculty of  Education attended on Monday, 2/3/2020. The  total number of students reached up to 121 students under the supervision of 4  Faculty members and the Faculty assistants

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Maurice Abul-Saad, Director of the Library, welcomed the visitors, where he delivered a speech on the most important activities of the library and its services. Dr. Maurice Abul-Saad mentioned  that the college allocates 5 points of the students’ grades to the library visits for preparing studies, An audiovisual presentation on the library was presented . Online access to the digital databases available in the library was presented , online access to especially the EBSCO databases and the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB )contents .

At the end of the visit, the students took a tour in the library  to identify the halls of paper  based holdings, specifically  those located in their halls .


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