Buliding Skills of the University Students – Communicate Information’s Technology

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In accordance with the directives of the President of the Republic –  in his speech at the celebrations of Science Day ,  SOUL organized in collaboration with the Technology Innovation Center of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to take advantage of the program of building the skills of university students (ICT specialties) in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship to become innovators and entrepreneurs in the future.

The program comprised three themes that take place over six days , as follow :

  • The first theme (1St & 2St day) in which students deal with creativity skills and creative thinking methods.
  • The second theme (3St & 4St day day) in which students deal with how to present the problem and provide solutions in the form of systematic technological and learning methods of presentation and presentation.
  • The third theme (5St & 6St day) in which the basics of entrepreneurship and marketing methods of the project and how to determine the initial cost of the project and then methods of presentation.

The program started from September 7 up to September 12, 2019 from at 9 am to 6 pm .

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