Faculty Members Visiting SOUL – Nursing College

Nursing College : On Monday and Tuesday dated 3/15-2021, 3/16/2021,  SOUL hosted faculty members and the Nursing College. SOUL aims to consolidate the relationship between the university Staff, and the Librarians in order to support the student’s ability to achieve information resources available in SOUL.

The meeting discussed points, which are:

1-resources information: –

 Paper based sources: –

 Books and references available.

 Digital Resources: –

 EBSCO databases.

 Egyptian Knowledge Bank. ( EKB )

 Material available on CD’s.

2- An overview of scientific writing, including the following: –

 The basic components of text book.

 Style Manuals published by international publishing houses.

 Scientific plagiarism and avoid it.

3- Explain the search in OPAC of the library.

4- presenting  the library website.

The other colleges : – Accordingly, communication has been made with all the colleges of the university to organize such meetings between the SOUL staff and the faculty members ,  and those of similar.

SOUL is waiting, within the next week,  for student visits to the library from the 1ST level all colleges.

The ,meeting started from 10 am to 12 noon, and the number of attendees reached up to 16 members of the teaching staff .

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